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Supporting tenants for over 15 years

At Crystal Housing Group we are dedicated in providing our residents with the best possible care ensuring to give them with a place they feel comfortable in calling “home”. Our company strives to be able to give you the peace of mind you need when moving from one house to another and we understand the stressful situation many of our clients find themselves in. It is with this understanding that we are able to cope with whatever issues that may arise in your tenure as our client.

Our dedicated work force has years of experience in handling any issues that may arise from occupying residential properties so that any problem, no matter how small or large, is efficiently and effectively taken care of as soon as possible. Wether you be a single individual or a family of 7, we assign a specifically committed case handler to stay on top of any issues you may find yourself to make sure your stay as our client is as comfortable as it can be.

We understand that not all clients have the same needs and so have various types of properties throughout London in different locations around the capital. This allows us to house you in a property that you feel most secure in as we try to ensure that the requirements for your own specific case is met. Regardless if you need a ground floor flat for wheel chair access or a spacious 4 bedroom house for larger families, Crystal Housing Group will strive to meet your expectations.

Thanks to our extensive networking, Crystal House Group has developed long and fruitful relationships with various local authorities, not least primarily the London Boroughs. As such we have a respectable relationship with them thanks to our outstanding services and dedication to our tenants. Our reach is not limited to just London however, as we have dealt with other local authorities in Leicestershire, Shropshire and Kent.

Alternatively if you are a private tenant looking for accommodation, do not hesitate in contacting our specific Residential Sales and Letting’s company, Crystal & Co. Having been established for over 15 years now, Crystal & Co has built up a strong record as an independent estate agent in West London and strives to meet our client’s expectations wether they decide to rent or buy.

Tenant's Guide

How to stay safe in your new home

If you smell Gas

Open all the windows immediately and turn off the gas supply at the meter.
Call the National Grid on 0800 111 999.
Call Crystal Housing Group 020 8560 6613
Do not turn any electrical switches on or off as a small spark can cause a explosion.
Do not ignite a naked flame such as a match or cigarette lighter.

Electrical Safety

Keep small children away from any electrical outlets and appliances.
Get professional help when repairing or wiring electrical goods and make sure you have had consent from Crystal Housing group before any work is conducted.
Only wire plugs in the appropriate manner as set out in manufacturer guidelines.
Switch off appliances when not in use and before going to bed.
Replace and throw away any cracked or damaged plugs immediately.
Do not handle any plugs, switches or appliances with wet hands.
Do not keep liquids close to electrical outlets and appliances.
Take care not to overload outlets with multi-plug adapters and extenders.
When cooking ensure any appliance wiring is kept clear of the cooker.
Do not power any appliances from light fittings.

Utilities Suppliers Contact Details

The following is a list of companies that provide gas and electricity to all boroughs across London and the Home Counties:
British Gas – 0845 600 0560
EDF Energy – 0800 056 5927
EON – 0845 059 9905
First Utility – 0845 215 5000
NPower – 0845 071 4525
Ebico – 0800 458 7689
National Grid – 0845 605 6677