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Helping Landlords succeed with their property investments

If you’re a new landlord who just started out with your first property or one who already owns a large portfolio of properties, we’d love to hear from you and discuss what we can do for you. Crystal Housing Group has decade’s worth of experience in our workforce dealing with landlords. We know precisely the sort of concerns and issues you may have when giving your property to us as we’re committed in beating your expectations and letting you sleep easy at night.

At Crystal Housing Group we like to be upfront with our landlords and have no hidden charges in our terms and conditions giving you the landlord more money in your pocket for future investments. Compared to using a regular estate agent, there are many advantages you’ll see from us over them such as;

  • No Management Fees: Whilst estate agents typical charge between 8% to 15% to look after your property, we charge no fee what so ever.
  • Renewal Fee: Whenever a contract comes up for renewal you’ll usually find your agent charging you a tenancy or renewal fee, this can be anything from an arbitrary £100 to a percentage based on rental yield but we have no such fee.
  • Rent recovery: Regardless if an agent gives their landlord the best possible service, there might come a time when a tenant pays late or is unable to pay leading to a stressful time for you. With us you won’t have to worry about tenants not paying as we’ll make sure the rent is guaranteed.
  • To read the many more advantages our rent guarantee scheme covers, head over to our rent guarantee page to read more.

    By picking Crystal Housing Group to manage your property you can rest easy knowing you’re part of an extensive group landlords we’ve dealt with and aspire to meet all your requirements. Our team has a wealth of experience in helping manage homes for landlords for over 20 years and try our hardest to meet their expectations.

    Whilst we are primarily based in London, Crystal Housing Group has properties all throughout England and would love to hear back from you even if you’re outside the M25. Having managed and continue to manage properties in both the South and North of England with all manner of properties, don’t hesitate and sign up for our guaranteed rental scheme without having to worry about finding and managing tenants or dealing with an agent. Send us your details and someone from our team will get back to you in order to arrange a free inspection and get you started with us.

    Landlord's Checklist

    Requirements to meet prior to leasing your property

    General / Decorative order

    Make sure your property is in a good decorative state.
    Each room must have its own entrance, natural light and natural ventilation.
    Ensure the property does not have overgrown gardens.
    Do not leave any rubbish or building waste anywhere on the premises.
    Check for any blocked guttering.
    Door numbers must be displayed in conjunction with a working doorbell.
    Supply all keys for windows and letter boxes.

    Fire Safety Precautions

    The kitchen must have a fire door with a working self-closing mechanism.
    A fire blanket, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector must be installed in your property.
    On each floor a mains powered smoke alarm must also be present.

    Kitchens and Bathrooms

    The bathroom door must be fitted with a lock that can in an emergency be opened from the outside.
    Kitchens and bathrooms should not have carpet covered flooring.
    Light fittings must be enclosed.


    Exposed pipe work for any boilers should be boxed in.
    Each room should have at least two double plug electrical sockets.
    Electrical outlets must not be installed on skirting boards.
    Windows must be fitted with restrictors.
    There should not be any exposed glass below waist height throughout the property.
    Gaps in banister rails that compromise child safety must not be present.
    Care should be taken to ensure no trip hazards exist in the property.